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Use Bruce to run your code with one request. No servers, no security, no scaling.

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How to use Bruce

Bruce has two entities, pipelines and submissions. A pipeline configures the execution environment, and a submission has a pipeline and a piece of code to run. To get started, we can create a basic pipeline:
> curl -X POST -H "X-Access-Token: <access_token>" -d "name=mypipeline"
  "name": "mypipeline",
  "id": "55a7b91bc1c7970100bd8471",
  "settings": {
    "env": "",
    "command": "",
    "container": "execution_worker"
  "timeout": 5,
  "language": "any"
Then we can send a submission through that pipeline:
> curl -X POST -H "X-Access-Token: <access_token>" -d "pipelineId=55a7b91bc1c7970100bd8471&language=python&code=print('hello world')"
  "id": "55a7bad2c1c7970100bd8474",
  "pipeline": "55a7b91bc1c7970100bd8471",
  "language": "python",
  "executeDate": "2015-07-16T14:08:19.037Z",
  "status": "executed",
And fetch its output:
> curl -H "X-Access-Token: <access_token>"
hello world

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